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USBOXLA Mid-Atlantic National Team


About Team

Team Mid-Atlantic was formed as an arm of the growing USBOXLA national program. Founded by coaches and directors in the region it was the belief amongst all, that our area was long overdue to showcase and perform on a national and international level. Box programs and tournaments have been operating consistently for a decade in our area, and the level of training and competition has only grown exponentially as local programs have competed fiercely for years. From New York to Virginia and states in between, we are out to combine forces and prove our region has developed the best box lacrosse players in the country, and we believe we have the ability to compete to win on an international level as well. It all starts summer 2021, we hope to see you out!

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Selection Committee


Steve Holmes

Penn Lax Box LC

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Peter Lawrence

Philly A's Box LC

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Tyler Meth



Tom Slate

Penn Lax Box LC


Adam Muller

Penn Lax Box LC

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Brett Manney

Philly A's Box LC


Dom Sebastiani

Team 21


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